Backlink Stability


Domain Registration Periods

Google values domains that register for longer periods. Whether this is part of the overall strategy to reward keeping valuable content on the Net or not, it is a fact that domains with good content rank higher the longer the content stays on. In other words, a site that was registered in 2007 will have higher value to Google as a site that registered years later, assuming the content value is similar.



As the low hanging fruit time in the SEO world is over, this means for webmasters that one should pay increasing attention on the quality of the backlinks to your site and on the stability of the backlinks. Making sure that people that link to your and your site will likely keep their sites alive goes a long way in this direction and saves a lot of time. This is in particular to consider with web directories. Have a long on how long they have been around, and how long their domain is registered for when listing with them.