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More Countries, more resources, more power

One could accomplish the SEO-Geek agenda or plan by setting up offices for their SEO company in various countries and harnish the SEO power this way. However, running such an operation is costly, not efficient and accompanied with many hurdles. As we will show here our, our business model has been tested successfully in other business areas before.


Quality Work, Quality Content Quality Score

While many of the details will be laid out in the weeks ahead, we plan on providing a quality score (QS)similar to the Page Rank system for each SEO candidate. The QS will have its own mathematical formula, but be determined and fixed by seo-geek.net. Purpose of the ranking is to enhance the trust participants will have in the system. Candidates may also have their own intro-pages on the site. Therefore, seo-geek will be more like an exclusive club - with the criteria to join being honesty, quality and working together. Having said this, the point of the system is of course to help geeks with their businesses and clients.